HVAC Repair in Los Angeles

Thermostat Repair

We offer professional certified thermostat repair Los Angeles within the city borders and beyond to the dwellers of the LA metropolitan area.

While LA is located in California where the average temperature is about 65 degrees, the truth is that in winter the thermometer may fall to 30! And at this moment, a broken thermostat would cause many questions and problems. So rather than waiting for the best moment of 30 degrees to call for thermostat repair, consider preparing for the worst beforehand. At Thermostat Repair Los Angeles we can help you with any kind of thermostat issue that you might be having: from the simple cleaning to the professional tuning-up for the piece.

What we do?

While we perform any kind of thermostat repair service, here are the top issues customers come to us with:

  • Thermostat doesn’t keep the temperature I want. Most often this is caused by the thermostat being in direct sunlight hence measuring the room temperature inadequately. Alternatively, your thermostat might be too close to the heat source. We can help you find the right location for the tool and move it in the least invasive way and ensure that all the inside mechanisms work correctly.
  • Thermostat isn’t working. Accumulation of dirt and dust, cut cords, a wrong unit location might all be the reason your unit does not work properly. Our technicians will investigate and eliminate the cause of the issue.
  • Thermostat isn’t calibrated. Some brands do not calibrate their units to fit the local weather conditions, hence your home or business space is not heated or cooled equally. We can ensure that your unit matches the needs you have.

Don’t look further for thermostat repair near me. We are here, and we are ready to help!